Time Regime (Gaudy Boy, 2022)

Time Regime by Jhani Randhawa was published in April 2022 by Gaudy Boy, a literary imprint of the non-profit Singapore Unbound.

The collection was selected as the 92nd Annual California Book Awards (2023) Gold Medal winner in Poetry. Read the full press release here.

A collection of experiments, mechanical dream logs, epistolaries, and field notes, Time Regime — selected by Dr. Dorothy Wang as the winner of the 2021 Gaudy Boy Poetry Book Prize — assembles an emergent mutant body intent on interrupting neoliberal imperialism's rhythms and expectations. Randhawa’s debut Time Regime traces the lives, ecological contexts, and dreams of multiple beings— rice germ, red ticks, a grandmother’s skin cells, limestone deposits, machine intelligence, shaggy language, “the Poet,” no-self, or the mythological winged cow Surabhi—as they collectively reckon with the demands of nightmare time under regimes of capital and colonialism. 

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Book trailer, reviews, media

This book trailer for Time Regime was illustrated and animated by Somnath Bhatt with a soundscape by cellist Thea Mesirow. Text and vocals by Jhani Randhawa. 

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KGB Bar, Book Launch with Jorge Rosriguez & Thea Mesirow (April 2022)